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How much do I need to start a blog in Nigeria

A lot of people keep asking me questions like

How much do I need to start a blog in Nigeria ?

How much is required to start a blog in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to start a blog in Nigeria ?

To be honest it all depends on the type of blog you wish to build, so I wrote this to enlighten my blog readers the estimated price to build a blog from start to finish.

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Blog in Nigeria

Normally a blog is not suppose to be expensive to build regardless of  the type, it all depends on the number of features you would like to integrate, regardless it won’t cost you a fortune .

Domain Name – Cost

Now a domain name should be the first item on your shopping list, registering  a domain name should be the first thing you do after deciding on a niche to blog on.

Your domain name is the address of your blog , it carries the identity of your brand.

   As of  29th December , 2022 these are the current estimate prices of domain extendion

(.com )cost  N9900
(.org )   cost  N9500
(.xyz   ) cost  N4700
(.ng   )cost  N6000 cost N2000

Web Host – Cost

After purchasing a domain name , the next item on the list is purchasing a web host which is required to run your blog.

Now a web host is different from domain.

there are different packages for a web host, if you are planning on running a simple blog with just text and photos , there is a package for that , and if your blog is going to feature files of bigger size like music , videos or other documents there Is also a package for that.

If you are planning on running a simple blog , a web host for N10,000 to N13,000 yearly is okay for you.

but if you want to opt in for a standard blog  a web host of N17,000 to N22600 yearly is enough

if you want to go for a bigger plan, maybe you want to add movies to the blog I will recommend  a big package which cost from N50,000 to N100.000 yearly

WordPress – Cost

The WordPress (CMS)software is totally FREE.

You can relax here, you only need to install it from your cpanel.

Design/Theme – Cost

Hiring me to design your website is affordable. For a standard blog, I do it for as low as N15,000 or you can use a free theme.

For e-commerce website depending on the features I do it for N25,000.

I also sell premium WordPress themes, you can contact me for that.


You can start blogging with a capital N20,000 upward depending on the type of blog you want to build .

All these prices were calculated based on a yearly plan, as it is not advicable to start blogging with a monthly plan budget.

Contact Me

If you need any help setting up your website or blog , you can hire me to build or guide you through blogging

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