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6 Blog Niches that Make Money and Drive Traffic In Nigeria

Blogging is one of the most profitable online business in Nigeria, you can start and run a blog from home , school or anywhere.

Before you even think of buying a domain or web hosting, the first thing you need to do is to decide a profitable blog niche you are going to blog on.

Your blog niche is one of the factors , that decides your blog success. If you start your blog on the wrong niche , chances are you will definitely not make a penny from your blog.

But do you even know what a blog niche is ?

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is a specific topic area that you’ll be focusing on when writing your blog posts. Blogging
niches allow you to narrow down your audience and create content that is much more relevant for them.

Benefits of Choosing a Profitable Blog Niche

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It is easier to monetize a niche blog

It affects your SERP ranking positively

It increases your web visitors

It makes branding a lot easier

It reduces your bounce rate

How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche

Choose a Niche You are Passionate About

Choosing a niche you already have interest on will help you on the long run , and it will also be easier for you when creating contents.

Rather than just choosing a random niche , choosing a niche you are passionate and knowledgeable about will help you in the future.

Choose a Niche that Solves a Problem

To write on a niche that solves a particular problem is equally important to choosing a niche you are passionate about.

If your blog posts solves a particular problem for your users , you will be getting generating more traffic and loyal web visitors to your blog.

Choose a Less Competitive Niche

Selecting a popular niche that has highly competitive can make it difficult for you to achieve success with your blog .

You should either research on low competitive niches or if you must choose a popular niche, make sure you niche down .

For example of if you want to choose the football niche , you can pick to cover football transfers only , or maybe match highlights

Choose an Evergreen Niche

What I mean by evergreen is , you should choose a blog niche that will stay relevant for long . Choose a blog niche that would not loose relevance in 1-3 years, unless you are into seasonal blogging .

Choose a Blogging Niche that Is Monetizable

Now this is the most factor of choosing a niche, you MUST choose a niche that can be monetized or else your reward would be in heaven , lol.

I will advice you to choose a niche that you can monetize via different methods e.g

CPC/CPM Advertising
Affiliate Marketing
Sell Digital Products
Sell Physical Products
Sell Courses
Email Marketing and More

6 Profitable Blog Niches in Nigeria

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Omo I just love this niche , why ? because you can monetize it using different methods.

DIY also know as the “how to’s” niche , you only need to be writing guides like for example –
(a) how to write a letter to a company
(b) how to fix my phone charger
(c) how to make a skin lightening cream at home.

There are sub-niches you can choose from the DIY niche like you can focus on writing guides relating to only skin care or home appliances or more , I will personally recommend this niche for beginners.


Yes I can count over 500 Nigerian blogs on this niche, it is a very saturated niche but it is still profitable.

Every niche has its own rules of law, before you decide to opt for this niche , I will suggest you buy an active Facebook entertainment group or page and then you use it to push traffic to your site.

If you do it the right way , you will be cashing out in no time .


The music niche is actually different from the entertainment niche, there are few music blogs in Nigeria, because most of the top music blogs today have combined with the entertainment niche.

I can guarantee you Naija people like music too much .You can create either a steaming or music download site , and with the right strategies you will be getting huge traffic that will convert to huge money.


There is a football fan in almost every household in Nigeria, today the boys, men and even the ladies love to watch football matches every week.

That is a great opportunity and profitable blog niche where you can post updates to upcoming matches, offer matches previews and football analyses.

You can also narrow your niche to blog about popular or star players, richest club sides, happenings in the transfer market etc.


The food and cooking niche is a popular topic among readers . This niche covers everything related to food, including recipes, cooking techniques, kitchen gadgets and equipment, food reviews, and more.


The news and politics niche is a broad topic that covers a wide range of issues and events related to politics, government, current events, and social issues. This niche is for bloggers who are interested in providing their readers with the latest news and analysis on political and social issues.


How to Start a Blog in Nigeria

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In the above article, we have mentioned some profitable blog niches.

All niches mentioned above are broad , you can pick a sub niche and focus all your energy there.

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